St Petersburg Times Editorial Policy

The St Petersburg Times Editorial Policy

Newsflash: I have been banned by the Tampa Bay Times. I used to post comments on their site under the handle SouthStPetersburg (with a toilet avatar). Now, any attempt to do so is marked as pending moderation. My comments are never approved, even something as mundane as “Good job SPPD!”.

Now known as the Tampa Bay Times (yes, everyone wants to shed any connection to St Petersburg if they can), the St Petersburg Times has an editorial policy in respect to describing suspects in crimes reported on its pages. This site will observe the same policy.

They always prefer not to publish one vital piece of information about the perpetrator. One wonders why if in the interest of political correctness, how about the gender or the species? Isn’t to do otherwise sex  or species discrimination? In the case of the killer of my cat, why not say a tall skinny person or a tall skinny entity? Maybe even the word “skinny” drips with prejudice.

The trouble may be that the St Pete Times has been infiltrated by the people from the same community as that which commits the majority of crimes.

The media in St Pete under report crime, because they see themselves as a cheer squad for the city, not a news service.

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