St Petersburg Police

St Petersburg Police Department

I knew that Amy’s killer would never be caught when not even a year after the crime, I saw the following press release from the Pinellas County Sheriff.

Detectives have arrested three suspects in connection with a commercial burglary at Ferg’s Sports Bar. The arrests occurred at about 2:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 5, 2009 after the suspects were observed by detectives breaking into Ferg’s Sports Bar located at 1320 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg.

This bar is located across the street from the St Petersburg Police Department. Right under their noses, these crooks were stealing some big screen TVs. But, it was the Pinellas County Sheriff’s detectives that made the bust. If only we could pick and choose, i.e. shop around, for the law enforcement agency that we used. I’d go for the PCSO any day.

St Petersburg Police Department unfortunately has been infiltrated and corrupted by South St Petersburg forces, known as the Coalition. Rats in the ranks I suppose you could call it.

This is amusing:

St. Petersburg police major’s gun stolen by his own grandson

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