South St Petersburg Terrorism

South St Petersburg Terrorism

“They Sow the Wind, and Reap the Whirlwind” Hosea 8:1-14

The young males of South St Petersburg are conducting a terrorist war against the rest of the city. We don’t have to look overseas for brainwashed young jihadists who are persuaded by their leaders to risk everything for a cause, we can just look South of Central Avenue, where some older people are enabling their young men to continue fighting a war that was won a long time ago. You’re not in the 60s anymore, Uhurus. How it must take the wind out of your sails to see President Obama elected twice. It must be hard to peddle hatred and division to any but the dumbest of ears when that happens.

Sarasota is not immune to the war of terror either.

Florida is just not a safe place to be.

The number of South St Pete profile children and teens killed by gunfire since 1979 (39,957) is more than 10 times the number of South St Pete profile citizens of all ages lynched throughout American history (3,437).

War in St Petersburg - Muhammad Speaks: War on Police

St Peterbsurg Cop Investigated for Warning Citizen About Crime Epidemic

Violent crimes per 100 residents, 2010:

St. Petersburg	1.13 (that is 1 in 88, so if you hang around the City of St Petersburg all your life, you'll be a victim eventually).
Miami	1.11
Orlando	1.07
Tallahassee	1.03
Pompano Beach	0.97
Miami Gardens	0.96
West Palm Beach	0.78
Gainesville	0.78
Clearwater	0.73
Ft. Lauderdale	0.73
Jacksonville	0.66
Tampa	0.62
Palm Bay	0.50
Miramar	0.48
Hialeah	0.44
Hollywood	0.42
Port St. Lucie	0.24
Coral Springs	0.21
Pembroke Pines	0.19
Cape Coral	0.17
Source: FBI UCR stats

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