South Saint Petersburg Feedback

South Saint Petersburg Feedback

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Comment: i think your comments are out of tune of the future of this city. migration/outside investment and real estate value is what will propell st. pete, all forces greater than ancient skewed perceptions!

This is my favorite! This idiot thinks that in a time when the American empire is dwindling in potency, that somehow South St Petersburg will buck the trend. Migration from St Petersburg is outwards, not inwards. Business will not invest in a crime riddled area, and real estate has reached as high as it ever could with the Bush Bubble of the 2000s. South St Petersburg real estate will NEVER sell at those levels again.


Comment: I am a white male who lives in South St.Petersburg.I have family who grew up here on the Southside.I have lived off and on myself a long time here in SouthSt.Pete.Not all of South St.Pete is as you think.Yes,there are certainly some rough parts on the Southside.However,theres also alot of nice areas on the Southside as well.Granted,you do make a exception on your website.The areas that are towards the water are the nicer areas.I have live mostly close to the water here on the Southside.So sure,areas towards the water are nice.Theres other areas such as Pinellas Point and Lakewood Estates that are racially and culturally diverse as well.That is a good thing.The area you are mostly referring to is Midtown.I agree entirely,that the Midtown area is a very rough area indeed.That was the area of the famous 1996 riots.I won’t even go through these areas alone.Its the mililant racists that ruin that area.Get rid of them and then Midtown area again.Just like you said there a
re 2 St.Petersburgs.Well,in that case then,there are 2 South St.Petersburgs as well.Theres the poorer section of town,Midtown,that you mention.Then there also the otherSouth St.Pete,areas towards the water and many racially/culturally divers areas that are a tropical paradise.Its nice on certain parts of the Southside.Also just remember,ever big city is going to have their rougher areas,thats nothing news.


Comment: I think of your article on South Saint Petersburg as being very biased as well as rascist. I mean really  do you not have anything better to do than to defame the reputations of the hard working “African American” citizens who do reside in Southern Saint Petersburg?

PaulA lot of good things are happening in Bartlett Park.  We are keeping drug sales out.You will find some good stories on our web page.

Tom Tito

Visit: www.BartlettPark.Net

Here is an article from the Bartlett Park web site

We invited a Southside Insider to write for this web site, and she responded:

“still interested inworking on that piece about south st. pete - if I do write it I feel that it wil be a scathing piece of literature. that part of town is not the place to be.”

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