Goliath Davis – Former St Petersburg Police Chief and Deputy Mayor

About Goliath Davis III

Former St Petersburg Police Chief, probably installed as a sop to the political demands from South St Petersburg following the riots of the mid 90s due to his South St Pete roots.

He later became one of St Petersburg’s three $170,000 Deputy Mayors.

He famously attended the funeral of Hydra Lacy, the man who murdered two of the officers from the department he used to run. But he didn’t find time to go to the service for a third St Petersburg Police officer who had been killed by a South St Petersburg criminal.

To frost the cake, at a public event he had, he invited Omali Yeshitela, leader of the extremist anti-Police Uhurus, to speak. Talk about dancing on the graves of the St Petersburg Police officers.

Read all about it at: Goliath Davis defends decision not to attend St Petersburg Police funerals.

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