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South St Petersburg is the poorer, more crime riddled part of Saint Petersburg, Florida. Stay away, as it will drag you down inevitably with it. Don’t like this web site? Think that it gives South St Petersburg a bad name? It is for sale. For One…Million…Dollars. Or in return for the conviction of the killer of my cat.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

South St Petersburg is full of crackheads, crack-whores, crackpots, burglars, child beaters, killers, dealers, dopeheads, drones, hustlers, hookers, criminals, junkies, the impoverished, rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists.

The last part from rustlers onwards came from Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles, but it paints a picture of the assortment of villains that is found in the South St Pete zip codes. It is a dump. Full of criminals, drugs and the impoverished (in every sense of the word(. The terrorist community south of Central has no interest in self rehabilitation. We should take all those dollars being stupidly spend on walls to keep out illegal immigrants, and build it around South St Pete. Illegal immigrants are preferable to some who are already here.

The purpose of the South St Petersburg web site is to obtain justice. On April 12, 2008, the cruel beating and ultimately the killing of a pet Siamese cat in the Historic Kenwood area of North St Petersburg took place. The perpetrator was seen and described as someone typical of the profile of persons most commonly associated with crime, especially violent crime, in South St Petersburg. The incident happened just a three blocks north of Central Ave and the criminal was seen heading South after the crime. As we write, it is 3 weekss til the Statute of Limitations expires for Amy’s killer (April 12, 2013). If so, congrats to South St Pete. You protected another criminal.

In the time since then, we set up two web sites founded on achieving justice for Amy, the first, about the crime and an appeal to the good nature of human beings to provide information that would lead to an arrest and conviction. Unfortunately, we were misguided in that belief. Even the reward of $4500 wouldn’t provide sufficient impetus for the people of South St Pete to do the right thing. The second, focused on St Petersburg Crime, and that got a lot of attention, however, our belief that the people of Saint Pete would feel some sense of needing to reciprocate was totally unfounded. We did set up this web site to enable people to see what is happening in South St Petersburg and other parts of the city, called St Petersburg Police Crime Reports. Ultimately due to the apathy which condemns St Petersburg to a grim future meant that we no longer had the resources to continue the web site. This third and last site has two goals,

  1. to shame the people of South St Pete to finally yielding up their demon brother, and
  2. knowing that 1 is totally unlikely, use the principles of community responsibility and the trickle down effect to provide some sort of punishment for the instigator of this brutal act.

Let’s stop pretending that South St Petersburg is somewhere that can be repaired. It
cannot. It should be quarantined, sequestered, isolated and fenced off. We want to bring attention to the problem that is South St Pete. This will serve the dual purpose of preventing anyone from experiencing the problems that we experienced there, and also to serve notice on the community there that protecting criminals is something that will cause more pain than they currently experience. The only way that the South Side will change is through the following agents: Lots of bulldozers, or a very well placed hurricane.

This site is currently in a transitional phase. We have lots of content, that we are copying and pasting into it. Hopefully, leading up to April, we can get the content loaded in and tightened up, the interface and WordPress theme finalized. Please be patient and feel free to contribute or contact us if you want.

Let’s look at the truth about St Petersburg. Don’t listen to the real estate agents, the property developers, the City or the  St. Petersburg/Clearwater Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. Here is the truth:

St Petersburg is the saddest city in the USA.

St Petersburg is the saddest city in the USA. That is not just an opinion, that is a fact, according to a survey by Men’s Health magazine.

The article, from British newspaper The Daily Mail, says:

“Having a Guinness World Record for 768 straight days of sunshine did nothing for the state’s fourth largest city – deemed to be a hotbed for suicides and anti-depressant pill poppers.

“The unemployment hotspot of Detroit, Michigan, unsurprisingly followed close behind, with third place in the ‘Frown Town’ stakes going to Memphis, Tennessee.”

Note that all three cities are notorious for out of control crime, especially violent crime.

Most And Least Christian Cities In America

Tampa-St Pete is 2nd last! That really surprised us in conservative Florida. Maybe what goes on there is enough to knock the love of God out of anyone.

Most And Least Christian Cities In America

Crime in St Petersburg, FL

Small Town Economy, Big City Crime

St Petersburg is #31 for violent crime in the USA

Imagine if South St Petersburg was a city by itself. It may very well make the top ten, with a “bullet”.

St Petersburg has the highest rate of violent crime in Florida. Higher than Miami.

Downtown St. Pete: 8th most dangerous neighborhood in the country for property crime?

95% of cities in the US are safer for crime than St Petersburg FL.

It wasn’t that long ago that the streets of South St Pete were on fire with destruction and havoc:

South St Petersburg Riots

Quoting Somerset Maugham, it’s “a sunny place for shady people”.

St. Petersburg ranked 2nd meanest city toward homeless.

St Petersburg attracts a lot of homeless people, and earns a reputation for treating them meanly.

People are leaving St Petersburg, FL.

CNN says that St Petersburg is one of the Best shrinking places to live

St. Petersburg, Fla.

Population 2010: 244,760

Drop since 2000: -1.4%

There is a reason it is shrinking! The crime and the economy. The reality is people are moving out of St Pete. The population dropped 3000 as 3 million moved to FL.

Across Tampa Bay, in Hillsborough County, 300,000 people moved in.

If you live in St Petersburg and are fearful of what is happening there, don’t get a gun, don’t get an alarm, don’t get organized, ….. get the hell out! 
Like so many before you will have done.

If one person decides not to buy a home for sale there, or buy some gum, or start a business, then we will have succeeded.

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